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The Mindloop promise includes a perfect job - every time. We are constantly evolving both our internal equipment and requirements to ensure top of the line quality. Each job is treated differently, each job is unique, 20 years in the industry taught us that. We have created music and sound design for well over 1000 commercials & across 50 of the most important brands in the ME region, and worldwide. Our clients include some of the region's leading advertising agencies, brands, international and Arabic artists, producers, publishing companies and tech giants. With Mindloop, you're guaranteed to have the upper hand.





• General production of Radio/TV advertisements

• Sonic Branding

• Music composition, jingles, sound design/FX

• Music production/ recording and sound engineering 

• Band recordings, mixing and mastering 

• Music publishing clearance for local and International Artists 

• Music business consultancy and celebrity bookings.






Producers and composers:

Ahmad Ghannoum

Ahmad Haffar


Production manager:

Kinda Jarmakani

Daniel Dsilva


Ali Asghar



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